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The Woodhaven Homeowners Association in Sherwood, OR is managed by a volunteer 5-person Board of Directors and retains the services of a professional neighborhood management company, Management Trust, who assigns us a Community Manager with whom we work closely.  Directors must be the legally registered owner of a home in the development.


We also retain the services of two law firms – one who specializes in homeowner associations, Profitt Law PC, for procedural matters, adherence to State law, etc. and one for collections matters, Black Helterline.


Woodhaven homeowners elect Directors each October at the Annual All-Neighbor Meeting, each of whom serve a (2) year term.

Team Meeting



The Management Trust has been contracted by your HOA Board to provide administrative and financial management assistance. TMT provides these services to many Homeonwer Associations' across the United States. TMT provides compliance identification, escalation and verification at the direction of the HOA board and the governing documents of the association.



The all-volunteer Architectural Committee’s exclusive task is to administer the community’s guidelines by overseeing changes and modifications to homes and property through an application and appeal process designed to balance the interests of individual homeowners and the community as a whole.  They ensure that the association’s governing documents, the CC&Rs and Design Guidelines, are met and adhered to in order to maintain aesthetic standards within the community and to preserve home values.


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